These are service offerings that affect the positive bottom-line results, the long-term business benefits and the increased shareholder value. QA provide a clear vision with a compelling strategy, organization design, change and effective learning transforming the enterprise towards achieving and sustaining superior performance that meets the client’s specific industry needs. This includes business model transformation, reengineering and post-merger integration.

QA Strategy approach is geared towards assisting clients with the process of articulation and deployment of business strategies, including the development, design and implementation of new business models and architecture, to translate the target or desired state (to-be model) into actionable objectives through the development of detailed and objective roadmap and business plan.Our team assist clients in creating an identity for themselves and differentiating themselves from the rest of the industry

QA’s Organizational design services go beyond conventional organization structure design offerings and include design and implementation of crucial organizational enablers to business transformation.

Our practical and systematic framework:

• Delivers organization structures which are agile enough to enable fast decision making without compromising controls

• Fosters bureaucracy-free internal interactions thus increasing value creation potential

• Avoids structures that stifle creativity thus encouraging self-management and decentralized decision making

• Delivers alignment of organization structure, values, and culture with strategic drivers and target business model

• Based on well-grounded principles which are agreed upon with management

Our team aim is to assist our client’s in realizing Its strategic objectives by clearly aligning the enterprise’s strategy with the organization structure and by clearly defining the roles, responsibilities and authorities within that structure.

Business Process Reengineering is triggered by the enterprise when its stakeholders find that ordinary quality improvement and organic cost cutting initiatives are of incomplete value. Our team can help our clients to identify and define an integrated process that realigns and changes the operations of a clients’ business with the goal of achieving quantum increase in the value it delivers. Our BPR approach is precise.

Through the aggressive questioning of all current business practices, the steady elimination of all non-value-added activities, the removal of business barriers and the pursuit of total customer satisfaction, we help clients develop flexible, effective and efficient processes, policies and procedures.

Performance management is the strategy, methodology and process of managing the performance of people in the organization. Performance management focuses on understanding, optimizing, and aligning individual employee performance measures with departmental tactical & strategic objectives. Performance management includes all activities associated with planning, setting, monitoring and developing performance standards.

This process ends in rating and rewarding performance.Our approach to performance management is to partner with our clients, using a range of tools and techniques, to create a business focused, participative solution that is right for our clients. Our method involves the articulation of the performance management philosophy and the balancing of quantitative and qualitative measures of individual performance, as well as issues related to transitioning and managing employee performance across the organization.

Shared Services solution focuses on the centralization of all operational back-office and time-consuming activities to deliver a common adapted business process, which will improve the operational effectiveness and strategic cost management. Thus, the Shared Service Center of the enterprise can serve multiple divisions, territories and countries.

Our approach to Shared Services is holistic. It envelops all non-core activities of the organization to enable the enterprise transform and focus on its core strategic activities. Hence, we can help the enterprise adopt Shared Services in finance, HR, IT, procurement and customer service activities.

Operational policies and procedures are the glue that binds the organization and as such are an integral part of the enterprise. Our approach in designing Operational Policies & Procedures provides for:

• Consistency with international best practices.

• Conveying and translate the organization’s philosophies, strategies and objectives and expectations.

• Ensuring full compliance with organization’s laws and regulations.

• Promoting discipline, security and stability among employees.

• Improve morale, productivity and communication.

• Strengthening operations.

QA have a proven approach to deliver benefits through the deployment of strategic sourcing enterprise’s need to constantly assess current and potential suppliers to maintain and enrich qualified suppliers list, establish project performance measures and monitor and establish precise action plans and review. Enterprise’s should continuously work with suppliers on performance. We offer initiatives in supply Chain Improvement, including:

• Supply chain design

• People and skills

• Working Capital improvement, including:

• Inventory management

• Strategic sourcing

• Procurement, including:

• Process design

• Procurement governance

• Procurement controls and procedures

• Statutory audit reporting

• Special purpose, voluntary and non-statutory audit reporting

• Transaction & due diligence support, and limited scope reviews

• Financial reporting and financial statement compilation

• Accounting support and outsourced accounting services