Ineffective VAT management can represent a major cost risk and compliance burden for business. If done correctly it offers very significant opportunities for cash-flow and bottom-line savings. VAT raises many complex and challenging issues for both commercial and non-commercial enterprises. For example, non-recovery of VAT is a significant cost to many businesses.

QA works with clients in managing VAT risk and in identifying VAT cash-flow opportunities. We can help our clients address the impact VAT has on cash-flow and a company’s competitive position in the marketplace. Blending specialist VAT expertise and commercial skills, QA delivers practical solutions and support to our local and international clients across all economic sectors. These sectors include commercial/ SME; state and public bodies; financial services, international business and Not-for-profit organisations and charities.

QA VAT services for local and international clients:

• VAT recovery optimisation

• Cash flow planning for VAT

• VAT systems reviews and risk assessment

• Devising and implementing planning strategies

• VAT compliance advice and support services

• Staff training and outsourcing support services

• Advice and support on VAT Audits

• Sector specific VAT news briefings and e-alert notifications service

• Advice on VAT treatment of specific transactions

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