These are solutions related to information technology strategies, selection and implementation of enterprise systems, including back-office, front office and operational systems. We provide solutions spanning from IT strategy to IT investments and System deployment project management.

Strategic IT assessment and planning solutions assist in aligning business strategy with the required IT infrastructure and applications. The objective of ISP is to translate the business strategic objectives into a series of actionable Information Systems initiatives that need to be delivered over a defined period, thus serving as a roadmap of multiple projects.Our ISP approach covers the IS applications functionalities, architecture and infrastructure, performance indicators, budgets and IT organization and processes.

Requirements Definition and Application Selection solution is founded over the concept of defining a joint framework that engages both our client and the vendors in discussions for selecting the required solution application that fits the strategy defined above. This selection should meet both sets of functional and technical requirements. Our RDAS approach covers the client agreement of the selection criteria, development of selection matrix, identifying functional and technical requirements, conducting vendor research, short listing, developing RFP, assessing vendor proposal and demos and selecting a business application and application implementer.

Our Health check approach focuses on verifying the current status of the implementation, assessing client’s opinion and expectations of the project and the deliverables, evaluating system vendor’s and implementer’s role on the project, reviewing the project plan and finances to determine if the project is on schedule and within the budget, assessing the viability and robustness of the systems architecture and technical infrastructure, assessing outstanding functional and technical issues, identifying both technical and management risks to the successful completion of the project, and recommending actions to eliminate or mitigate those risks.

IT Program Management establishes a formal IT Program Management Office (PMO) with clear processes and procedures which focuses on the continuous guidance needed to support the delivery of a information systems business capability through multiple projects within the clients’ enterprise. We do use proven methodologies, tools and techniques to plan and organize the IT program, and to manage the incremental delivery of the new technology solution capability.