Program Management establishes a formal Program Management Office (PMO) with clear processes and procedures which focuses on the continuous guidance needed to support the delivery of a business capability through multiple underway projects within the clients’ enterprise.

We do use proven methodologies, tools and techniques to plan and organize the program, and to manage the incremental delivery of the new business solution capability.

Our Program Management approach encompasses three phases: Plan program, mobilize program and Manage and Improve program with tools and procedures that include:

• Master Program Planning and Time Management

• Risk and Issues Management

• Business Objectives Monitoring

• Dependency and Integration Management

• Program Communication

• Resource Planning

• Financial Planning and Cost Management

• Ownership and Commitment Strategy

• Program Structure and Responsibilities

• Documentation Methods

• Reporting and Communication Methods

• Quality Assurance Procedures

• Scope and Change Control Procedures

Change Management services assist the enterprise’s senior management in designing, communicating and implementing change strategies that enable the employees’ cultural and organizational transition and help any program achieve its target and objectives.

Our approach is based on Change Enablement Best Practices that include:

• Readiness Assessment

• Stakeholder and Behavioral Analysis

• Communications Management

• Change Strategy

• Training Strategy

• Ownership and Commitment (Plan, Build and Sustain)

• Impact Assessment

• Culture Transformation